Welcome to DroneWolf Media, your aerial photography specialists!

We're SE Idaho & Western Wyoming's premiere aerial photography business.  

We use the latest in small drone technology to capture that perfect moment for you whether in UHD 4K or brilliant 1080p.  We'll provide you with incredible photos and/or video in a wide variety of formats and price points.

We've worked with a number of local businesses in the area, as well as out of state.  We've also licensed a significant amount of aerial footage for NBC/Universal for use in a local Discovery Channel documentary.


Whether you're a realtor looking for an amazing aerial view of your client's property, a farmer looking to map his/her land before, during or after harvest, or simply an outdoor enthusiast who wants to capture some great memories doing what you love on the weekends, we'll provide you with that perfect shot. 

  • residential & commercial real estate  (interior & exterior)

  • weddings/events/outdoor sports  (on water or land)

  • construction/roofing/building inspections

  • agricultural drainage inspections

  • barn roof and silo inspections

  • livestock count/recovery

  • irrigation pivot inspections

  • hail damage

  • crop insurance inspections

  • cell tower/wind turbine inspections

  • search & rescue  

  • year round availability for most jobs (weather permitting)


We offer a number of packages at various price points, so please call or email us and let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to provide you with a price quote and a time frame for completion.  

Registered with the FAA, fully licensed, insured & certified to operate small unmanned aerial systems commercially.  (FAA certified 14 CFR-Part 107)

I've also successfully completed and passed the FAA Safety Team Aviation Learning Centers "Airspace, Special Use Airspace and Temporary Flight Restriction airspace" course.  (course # ALC-42)

We offer extremely competitive pricing for our area and your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Repeat customers receive additional 30% discount.


My name is Christopher and I am the chief UAS pilot and videographer for DroneWolf Media.

After 20 years of working for corporate America, I decided to start my own business doing something I was truly passionate about.   I took my lifelong love of photography and technology and merged the two in order to create DroneWolf Media.  

If a photo is worth a thousand words, just imagine what an aerial photo will do for you or your business!  

Your satisfaction is my number one priority.  If you're not completely satisfied with my work, I'll work with you until you are.  

The technology we use...

DJI products have been proven safe and effective for well over a decade, especially when flown by an FAA licensed UAS pilot such as myself.  I currently use DJIs latest Phantom 4 Professional as my main camera due to it's 1" CMOS sensor. This UAV provides 360 degrees of obstacle avoidance, making it the safest drone on the market. It has one of the best cameras on any UAS out today, capable of producing absolutely incredible footage in nearly any lighting condition.

I also carry up to 10 million in liability insurance for that added peace of mind.

Whether you're looking for stunning aerial photography or up close interior footage, DroneWolf Media has you covered. 

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Our aerial footage has been featured in an Investigation Discovery Channel documentary hosted by Dateline NBC's very own Keith Morrison.




A few of our valued clients include:

Johnson Brothers

The Yard Butler

Peacock Productions

Crestview Calves

Rexburg Motorsports

J&H Construction

Keller Williams

Mountain West Rentals

Grandview Storage

Three Coin Productions

Ragnar Run

Inside Edition

.....just to name a few!  


















Contact us today to see how DroneWolf Media can benefit you or your business!

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